“Perfection is the ability to laugh at yourself when you make a mistake.” — Larry Richardson, Your Step By Step Chef

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For decades, I’ve eagerly cooked meals for my family and friends. One thing I noticed early on is that too many people have a burning desire to cook, but for many different reasons — most notably lack of confidence and fear of failure — they never give it a go. Part of the problem is that the cookbooks and cooking shows they turned to for advice tended to feature recipes that are difficult to make, poorly explained or just plain fringy.

When I started a health and fitness website called Xeniors.com (now defunct, though you can still order my beginners book Fit Body, Fit Mind on Amazon.com), one of the most enjoyable features I regularly produced were easy cooking recipes and videos that showed people how to make real meals in a logical, detailed, step-by-step format. To my delight, within a year after I posted my first video — “How to Make an Omelet — Easy” — millions of YouTube viewers watched the cooking videos, downloaded the recipes, and entered their kitchens. Many commented that they finally felt well-earned accomplishment in their kitchens when they managed to make meals that were the envy of their family and friends!

With the success of the recipes and videos, I decided to fold Xeniors.com and focus on helping people to bridge the chasm that separates aspiring cooks and spectators from actual cooks. The recipes and videos you find on StepByStepChef.com are designed to help you make meals that may have intimidated you.  Most of them are vegetable-rich and, therefore, very healthy.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cook, I hope you enjoy the recipes and videos. Please check back often for new dishes and share this site with all your friends. C’mon, let’s cook!!!

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Larry Richardson

Your Step By Step Chef

Larry Richardson is a screenwriter (“Christmas Lodge”), photographer (RichardsonArtPhotography.com) and videographer whose work has been purchased by broadcast and cable networks. An honors graduate of the University of Southern California’s School of Journalism, Richardson has also worked as a radio news director, newspaper columnist and public relations, marketing and advertising consultant to Fortune 500 companies. Richardson gained cooking experience working in his own kitchen for over four decades. Many millions of people have viewed his YouTube cooking videos. He’s glad you’re one of them.



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