Chile Con Carne



2 29 Ounce cans crushed tomatoes

2 29 Ounce cans tomato sauce

2 15 Ounce cans

1 Green bell pepper

1 Large onion

4 Tablespoons Mexican chili powder

1 Teaspoon salt

11/2 Pounds hamburger

3 Italian hot sausage links

Hot sauce to taste



Pour cans of crushed tomatoes and tomato sauce into a large pan and warm over medium heat. Place the hamburger into frying pan over medium heat. As hamburger browns, use spatula to break it into smaller pieces. Add 1 tablespoon chili powder and 1 teaspoon salt to the hamburger.

Place the hot sausages into a frying pan over medium heat. Add 1/8 cup water to the pan. Pierce each sausage a few times with a fork. As they brown, roll the sausages in the pan. The water will evaporate. Occasionally add 1/8 cup of water to keep the sausages from scorching the pan.

Add 1 can of kidney beans to the tomato sauce pan. Take the second can of kidney beans, drain out the liquid, and pour the beans onto a plate. Crush the beans and add them to the tomato sauce.

In 15 to 20 minutes, the hamburger will be browned. Add it to the tomato sauce pan. In 25 to 30 minutes, the sausages will be browned. Cut them into pieces and add them to the tomato sauce pan.

Slice the green bell pepper in half and discard the seeds and white core. Dice it and the onion into medium-sized pieces and add them to the tomato sauce pan.

At this point, add 3 heaping tablespoons of Mexican chili powder to the tomato sauce pan. Cover the chili pan and lower the heat to 1/4. When it starts to bubble, allow it to simmer for 1/2 hour. Stir every five minutes, being sure to scrape the bottom of the pan with your spatula to keep the chili from burning to the bottom of the pan.

Congratulations! You’ve made chili con carne. Add hot sauce to taste, and serve with crackers or cornbread. It even tastes delicious on spaghetti!

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