Easy Fiesta Cheese Quesadilla Recipe

2 Flour tortillas
1/2 Cup Mexican fiesta blend shredded cheese (use your favorite)
1 1/2 Tablespoons of canned jalapeños (optional filler, you can also use finely diced tomatoes, sautéed onions, peppers or fresh jalapeños, green Chile’s, or even cooked chicken)
1 Bottle of the hot sauce of your choice
Place a tortilla in a plate and sprinkle the cheese evenly across the surface. Spoon on the jalapeños or other ingredient of your choice. Press the second tortilla gently on top.
Place the quesadilla in a frying pan and turn the heat up to medium. I don’t preheat the pan because the cheese will melt better as the pan heats up. Let the tortilla toast for about three minutes. If you take your spatula and move the tortilla easily across the surface of the pan, it’s ready to flip. Slide your spatula underneath and flip it.
Let the second side toast for another three minutes. Note: Stove’s vary. If you see smoke, you’re quesadilla is burning. Either flip it or remove it from the pan.
You can add additional toasting time to either side to get it toasted the way you like it.
When it’s toasted to your satisfaction cut it into six slices. Serve with the hot sauce.
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