Easy Shrimp Stir Fry Recipe



1 Pound fresh or frozen, shell or tail-on, shrimp (if frozen, it has to be fully defrosted before cooking)

1 Medium carrot

2 Stalks celery

1 Medium onion

2 Green onions

1/2 Sweet red pepper

1 Jalapeno (optional for those who like it spicy)

8 Ounce bag of bean sprouts (if you can find them, great, if not, still make the recipe)

3 Garlic cloves

1/2 Cup soy sauce

1/4 Cup sweet cooking wine

2 Tablespoons sesame seed oil

3 Tablespoons vegetable oil

2 Tablespoons corn starch

2 Cups of water

8 Servings of rice, lo mein or other Chinese noodles


Defrost the frozen shrimp overnight in a bowl or in luke warm water (usually takes about fifteen minutes). Do not leave shrimp outside the refrigerator for an extended period of time.

Prepare the rice according to the directions on the package. Or heat up the water for your noodles.

Rinse the vegetables. Combine the following in a bowl: Dice the celery by cutting the celery in half lengthwise then slicing it into little pieces. Peel the carrots into thin strips. Trim the roots off the green onions and cut into quarter-inch segments. Remove the core and seeds from the red pepper and dice half of it. Peel the onion and cut it into thin strips. Remove the core and seeds from the jalapeno and mince it. (Wear a glove or use a knife and fork to avoid contact with the pepper to avoid burning your fingertips.) Crush or mince the garlic cloves.

Prepare the stir fry sauce by combining the following in a bowl: Soy sauce, sweet cooking wine, and sesame seed oil. Then slowly stir in the corn starch.

Pour the two cups of water into a sauce pan. Trim the tails off the shrimp and place in the sauce pan then slice the shrimp into three segments.

Boil the shrimp tails for about fifteen minutes to create a shrimp broth. Keep an eye on the pan and lower the temperature if it starts to boil over.

Preheat a high-sided skillet, other deeper pan, or wok over medium heat. Add oil. Pour in vegetables (except bean sprouts) and stir fry them until the onions just start to appear translucent. You want the vegetables to be cooked but still crisp. This takes about five minutes.

Stir in the shrimp and stir fry until they appear pink. This takes about five minutes. Stir in bean sprouts and stir fry for about five minutes.

Carefully strain the shrimp tails but keep the broth. (You can still eat the shrimp tails with a little bit of warm butter. Yum!)

Stir in the stir fry sauce and a cup of the shrimp broth. Heat up for five minutes. Once the sauce thickens up, it’s ready to serve on your rice or noodles.

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