Fluffy Buttery Perfect Scrambled Eggs



2 Eggs (the fresher the better)

1 Teaspoon butter

1/4 Teaspoon water (you can also use milk)




Crack eggs into a bowl and add water then whisk until smooth.  Takes 30-60 seconds.

Preheat small frying pan over just under medium heat. Add teaspoon of butter and spread over bottom of pan. Use another teaspoon of butter if you like your eggs extra buttery.

As the egg mix cooks on the bottom of the pan, fold it in toward the middle. Keep doing this to keep the scrambled eggs from burning or drying out. Cook to the consistency of wetness or dryness that meets your taste.

Serve and salt and pepper to your taste.

Congratulations! You just made fluffy buttery perfect scrambled eggs! Please visit StepByStepChef.com for easy, step by step recipes and videos for dozens of other delicious dishes!




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