French Toast with Buttery Almond Syrup


4 Pieces of bread

1 ½ Teaspoons cinnamon

2 Tablespoons butter

2 Eggs

2 Cups milk

1/3 Cup sliced cooked not raw almonds

2 Teaspoons sugar

1 Cup pancake syrup


Crack the eggs into a wide bowl. Whisk in milk, sugar, and cinnamon.

Warm syrup, almonds and 1 tablespoon of butter over low heat. Turn heat down if it starts to simmer.

Preheat frying pan on burner just under medium heat. Coat the bottom of the pan with butter. Dip a slice of bread in the egg and milk mixture and remove when saturated. Place the bread in the pan. Cook each pan until the toast is lightly browned. This should take 2-3 minutes per side, depending on how hot your pan is. Repeat until all the bread and mix is used up.

Serve French toast with buttery almond syrup.

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