Ham, Eggs, Cheese & Tomato Breakfast Sandwich


1 Large cheese roll, bagel or two slices of the bread of your choice

2 Eggs

3 Pieces of deli ham or equivalent ham steak

1 Slice tomato

¼ Cup shredded cheese

1 Teaspoon butter


Rinse off the tomato and cut off a slice big enough to fit your sandwich.  Cut the ham into thin strips.

Preheat frying pan over just under medium heat.  Melt butter in the pan. Crack eggs in the pan and give them a scramble. When the eggs are just about dry enough to serve, scramble the ham into them to heat it up.

Remove the eggs and ham from the burner and build the sandwich by putting the eggs and ham on the first level, then the cheese, then the tomato. (You can also toast the bread if you wish.)

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