How to Cook a Delicious Plant-based Impossible Burger (similar to a Whopper)


Plant-based Impossible Burger


1 Impossible Burger (or plant-based burger of your choice)

1 Slice tomato

¼ Cup chopped lettuce

1 Slice red onion (or the onion of your choice)

5 Dill pickle slices

1 Whole grain bun



¼ Cup shredded cheese


Following are the instructions for cooking an Impossible Burger. If you have a different brand of plant-based burger, prepare it according to the instructions provided. Preheat fying pan over medium high. Adjust the heat downward if the burger smokes too much. You may also need to use your vent fan.

Place the frozen patty in the frying pan. Cook four minutes to a side. Just like with animal-based burger, don’t press your spatula down into it. This will keep it juicy.

When the burger is cooked through, top with cheese, vegetables and condiments and enjoy!

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