How to Cook with Plant-based Meats Recipes — Series Introduction

If you don’t know how to cook with plant-based meats, now’s the time to learn with the Step by Step Chef on my website Food producers are making a wide variety of plant-based beef, pork, chicken and even fish products that are delicious, nutritious and versatile. Sampling dozens of plant-based meats, I found many had flavors and textures that made it difficult to tell that they weren’t animal-based meats. Among the plant-based meat recipes and videos you’ll on, you’ll find a plant-based hamburger, plant-based meatball sub, plant-based beef taco and even a plant-based filet of fish sandwich that taste just like you get at your favorite restaurants. You’ll also find plant-based chicken used in a delicious vegetable-rich stir fry, savory baked chicken parmesan and fun chicken tacos.

If delicious plant-based meat meals isn’t enough, when you cook plant-based meats using Step by Step Chef recipes, you’re also aiding in the fight against climate change and global warming. It takes a lot less fossil fuels and methane releases to create plant-based meat than it does animal-based meat. Less fossil fuels and less methane mean less greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere, which in turn helps to reduce the global warming that is creating extreme weather events and sea level rise flooding. I explain the important role cooking plant-based meats plays in combating climate change and extreme weather events further in this video.

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