How to Make a Ham Mushroom & Cheese Omelet


2 Eggs

¼ Cup Minced Sweet Onion

¼ Cup fiesta blend cheese

¼ Cup diced ham

1/2 Cup diced mushrooms

2 Teaspoons butter

½ Teaspoon water

Instructions: Slice and dice the mushrooms until you have a ½ cup, which will cook down to a quarter cup. Mince sweet onion. Dice ham. Whisk the two eggs with a ½ teaspoon of water.

If you’re cooking at home, preheat your small frying pan or sauce pan over medium heat. If you’re camping, start your propane stove according to the instructions and preheat the pan over medium heat. Spread 1 teaspoon butter on the bottom of the pan and saute the mushrooms, onions and ham. When the onions turn translucent and the mushrooms are cooked until brown, the omelet ingredients are ready. This should take about ten minutes. Remove pan from heat.

Preheat small frying pan over just under medium heat. Coat bottom of pan uniformly with a teaspoon of butter. Pour in the egg mixture. If picnic table and stove aren’t level tilt pan a little to coat the bottom of the pan with the egg mixture. Adjust heat higher or lower as needed. When the clear egg windows appear white or yellow, spread the saute mix on half of the omelet and the cheese on the other. Cover pan for two minutes or slightly more. When the cheese is melted and the egg isn’t runny, use your spatula to carefully fold the cheese side over onto the ham and vegetable side, and remove the omelet from the pan.

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