Pico de Gallo Salsa



3 Tomatoes

1 Onion — yellow, Vidalia or red will do fine

1 Lime

1 Bunch Cilantro — Make sure to check the tie if you buy it at the store.  Nothing worse than finding you bought parsley.

1/8 teaspoon or less salt

1/2 Head garlic — optional

1 Jalapeno — optional

Cut tomatoes into quarter inch slices.  Clean out seeds and core.  Slice tomatoes slices into small pieces.  Chop 1/2 of the onion into very small pieces.  Remove the leaves from the cilantro and chop finer.  Combine in a dish.  Squeeze the lime onto the mix.  Add 1/8 teaspoon of salt or less. This is all you need for the basic Pico de Gallo.  If you like garlic and jalapeno, crush or mince the garlic into the mix and remove the seeds from the jalapeno and chop it into fine pieces.  Stir both into the mix.

There you go, a delicious, nutritious and easy snack food that you can eat guilt-free.  Just be sure to serve it with low fat and low sodium tortilla chips or recipes.

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