Sausage, Peppers, Onion & Egg Scrambler Easy Recipe


2 Eggs

¼ Cup minced sweet onion

¼ Cup minced sweet pepper

½ Jalapeno minced (optional for those who like it spicy)

1/3 Cup crumbled sausage

1 Teaspoon butter

Salt and Pepper to taste


Rinse and remove the core and seeds from the pepper. Mince ¼ cup. Peel and mince ¼ cup of onion. Rinse the jalapeno then slice it in half lengthwise and remove the seeds and core. Then mince half of it. You can wearing a glove or use your knife and fork to avoid contact with the hot jalapeno.

Preheat your small frying pan over medium heat. Coat bottom of pan with butter. Brown sausage patty and break it up. Once the sausage is fully browned, stir in the vegetables and saute them until the onions start to appear translucent – slightly clear. At this point scramble the eggs into the mix until the eggs are dry in consistency.

Serve as is or add shredded cheese. This sausage scrambler also tastes great in breakfast burritos.  

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