Make a Grilled Steak, Mushroom, Onion & Cheese Omelet


NOTE: Before attempting to make this omelet, you need to grill the steak and mushrooms and onions by watching these two videos: How to Grill A Steak with Your Own Spice Rub and How to Grill Mushrooms & Onions. I usually have the steak and mushrooms and onions for dinner then make the omelet the next day with the leftovers.


1/2 Cup grilled steak

3/4 Cup mushrooms and onions

4 Eggs

1/4 Cup shredded cheese

1 Tablespoon butter


Beat the eggs in a bowl with a teaspoon of water. Mince the steak and mushrooms and onions.

Preheat a frying pan just under medium heat. Pour the egg mixture into it. Let it cook for about three minutes. When the dark windows in the egg turn white or yellow, you’ll have your base for the other omelet ingredients.

Spread the steak, mushrooms and onions over half the egg mixture. Spread the cheese over the other half.

Cover for about five minutes. When the egg is no longer runny and the cheese is melted, carefully flip the cheese side over onto the steak, mushroom and onion side.

Congratulations! You just made a grilled steak, mushroom, onion & cheese omelet. Please visit for over 100 printable recipes and video links that will help you to make delicious dishes the easy, step-by-step way.


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